Friday, July 19, 2013

Ullen Sentalu! The best museum I ever visited :')

I went there 2 times. I always recommend this place to all of my friends who wants to go to Yogya. The tour guide were friendly and polite. Once I entered the museum, I didn't feel like in a museum. It was amazing. You will learn the Javanese history and culture. The tour guide explained the story very clear. At the end of the tour, I got the special Javanese drink. After seeing it's high ranking I set out for Ullen Sentalu. First of all it was pretty hard to find, with no signage until you reach the location. My guide was not allowed to enter for free, where's he'd been permitted to enter al other sites for free...especially given the inflated foreigner prices. Anyway, I had a private tour from a very knowledgeable young lady.

Not really about Java, but more particularly focusing on the fairly recent history of the two royal families in Yogyakarta and Solo. The museum itself is beautifully laid out and the tour takes you through a maze of caves and a 'floating' village. The exhibits were mainly paintings and photos, with some batik examples and some stone work from the surrounding temples. Ullen Sentalu is one of the best museum i've ever visited in Indonesia. We can learn the Javanese story from this museum. They have unique and beautiful interior, traditional meet westren. The tour guide was friendly and explain very clearly. Then after the tour have already finished, we will get "jamu" (the javanese traditional drink) that the Princess used to drink. Everybody who visit Yogyakarta has to visit this museum. I am wondering why this place is so famous?

Now, I have a chance to visit it. I could say the place is very cozy, comfortable and cool. By visiting this museum, at least we gather some knowledge on the monarchy of Yogyakarta and Solo as well as knowing the different motive of Batik. where it was produce, by seeing the motive and style you will know it.

Only some places , or i can say it is a few only. most of the time you will spend your time by looking around their collection as well as history. They provide a guide to bring us around.

the total time spend in this place was about 1 hour. If you'd like a peak to the past of the royal courts of Yogyakarta and Solo, this is where you should be. The exhibits and photos were well displayed, which differs from most museums in Indonesia. We had a great guide who explain almost everything about the royal family, especially the surprising (or not so surprising) fact that the courts of Yogyakarta and Solo were stronly influenced by European culture. I liked the pictures of the queens and princesses, all wearing traditional kain and kebayas, yet ahd a touch of Europe by wearing hats and shoes :-)

in front of muse&beukenhof european restaurant

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